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woman in black athletic clothes leaning against a pole
woman in black athletic wear leaning on pole
woman in black athletic wear leaning on pole

Sometimes you just need to ask for help.

And that's where I come in...

Andrea Plancarte is a physical therapist, strength and flexibility coach who has been pole dancing since 2010. She helps her clients build strong, flexible and resilient bodies, so they can reach new levels in their practice, and pole dance for the rest of their life!

Andrea believes that it isn’t necessary to spend multiple hours at the studio every day to see improvements, and is passionate about helping pole dancers overcome class FOMO.

Her training plans are known for striking the right balance; they allow her clients nail their movement goals without skipping recovery or neglecting quality time with their loved ones.

​​What if you didn't have to struggle anymore?

​​What if you didn't have to struggle anymore?

"Besides being warm and caring, Andrea is a dedicated learner. As long as I’ve known her, she has continually immersed herself in training and top-notch growth opportunities that would help her become the great coach she is today. "

Marlo Fisken

IG @marlofisken